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Disability Resource Network is a Center for Independent Living headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama. We provide several core services, as well as additional services to help individuals with disabilities living in North Alabama.

After reading over the list below, we invite you to fill out our application for services, and one of our staff members will follow up with you.


Core Services

Information and Referral.

Find answers to your questions about living with a disability. Get information about disability rights, resources, groups or programs that may help you, a family member, or a business.

Independent Living Skills.

Learn the skills you desire to have to be independent everyday and/or to live on your own .You can pick the areas you want to work, like budgeting, cooking, running your home, communication, transportation, relationships, and even how to speak up for yourself.



Learn how to advocate for yourself and have your voice heard while acting for change that offers equal opportunity for people with disabilities. We can help you contact your government officials, write letters or make phone calls, travel to Montgomery for special events or just figure out how to stand up for your rights in your own life.

Peer Support.

Learn problem-solving solutions, share successes and build relationships with other individuals with disabilities who may share your needs or concerns.  Learn about new topics, such as healthy living, couponing, and  job skills while making new friends and being part of a team.

Transition into the Community.

Receive assistance relocating from an institution into your own place.  Get help learning about the things you will need to be successful – such as finding housing, setting up utilities, and arranging and getting support from others.


Youth Transition Services.

Extra help for youth who are in school or have just finished school.  Get help understanding your disability at any age, discovering what is important to you, and how to set goals for yourself.